International Essayists

When Craig Reinbold launched the International Essayists column three years ago he framed it as a way to make our conversation just a little wider, our understanding of the world of the essay a little broader. The column took us to Japan and Ireland, India and Iceland; it explored questions of translation and transnational identity, literary traditions and also the breaking of those traditions. In other words, it went on a journey.

I hope to continue this journey, to linger a little with each installment of this column on another corner of the globe (or, if we are to be geometrically precise, arc of the globe), to illuminate some of what writers around the world think about when they approach this form. 

The format has not changed wildly: every few months or so we will invite a writer with an international background (whatever we take that to mean) to write about another international writer or topic of interest. My hope is that each post will increase the inclusivity of our discussions about the essay, to bring in some voices we have not yet heard join the conversation. A link to each piece in the series so far is below.

As always, comments/suggestions are welcome: @noamdorr @essayingdaily

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