Talkaday: the Essay Daily Podcast

What happened today? In 24-some minutes (a day's worth and no more), we ask writers to answer this question. It's one thing to answer on the page--as we did for the What Happened project. Quite another to answer in live conversation. Tell us a story. While you're living it.

Episode 1

[In which I chat with a former student of mine at the University of Arizona about all things that happen--day jobs, basketball, sauted mushrooms, misunderstandings and miscommunications, praying at the altar of beer, and other things that give our life meaning (maybe).]

Episode 2

[In which I catch up with the great essayist and teacher out of Fairfield University about, well, this being post-4th--in-laws, hot dogs on the 5th, fishing, Buddhism, essaying "Shit That Annoys Me," singing "This Land Is Your Land," and other oddities (including but not limited to ceiling fans, also skulls) that add up the moments.]

Episode 3

[In which I meet the software-engineer-by-day, writer-only-on-Sundays, and cover anything from the stand-up "scene" in Tucson to the Manhattan too-cool literati, the shameless self-involvement of memoir to writing about yourself generously for others, and never, ever throwing anything away. Oh, and the infuriating ordeal of technical difficulties and the unfortunate consequence of my mini monologue to fill the space. Plus: fighting over Nicholson Baker.]

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