What Happened on 6/21/18

Dear reader,

have you read Nicholson Baker's brief essay, "What Happened on April 29, 1994"? It's a simple thing, in which he simply recorded what happened (however he defined that) on one day in 1994.

Dorian Rolston wrote about it a bit here, to give you some context. Ander Monson wrote about it, and the larger project for this summer, a bit more here.

And you can click on the original piece below to enlarge and read:

So we are inviting you to do the same: write about what happens on one day this summer: June 21, 2018. It's the solstice, so in theory it has more day than any other day this year, which is why we picked it. 

We'd love it if you'd fill out this little Google form to let us know that you're going to try to join us (so we have a sense of how many we'll be in this here we, and then we can also send you a reminder beforehand). It's not necessary to do the form—you can just do the project too. But it'd be good to know how many to expect so we can do some scheduling.

So: check in, or not, and after, send it our way with a brief bio, and we will publish as many as we can of the resulting essays in the following month. And we shall see, then, what we all make of one day together.

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