Monday, February 1, 2010

What the frack, Hayden's Ferry Review?

Zero (0, zilch) essays in your Fall 2009/Winter 2010 issue? I mean, it has some good fiction (or as your submissions guidelines page calls it, "prose" which to this reader encapsulates more than just fiction), and some quality poetry, but you couldn't find nothing nonfictiony? I suppose the Hong Hao images, "My Things No 5, 5000 Things I threw away in 2005" and "My Things Book keeping of 6c" might be considered to be essay, though it's a stretch. (They are pretty cool though: they have that documentary capacity that can fuel essay, but don't otherwise operate like essays). And they make a nice cover.

Feel the weight of this blog's collective displeasure from here. Let our scorn--rising like a spider, or possibly a spire--spur you to opening your doors a little wider next time.

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