Friday, January 7, 2011

Essay Prize

Are you familiar with the Essay Prize, a yearly prize for "the work that best exemplifies the art of essaying—inquiry, experimentation, discovery, and change...the activity of a text, rather than its status as a dispensary of information"? The current nominees are up if you're interested, and you should probably expect a flurry of blogging about these texts over the next few months here on Essay Daily.


  1. Looking forward to reading/watching these essays. Thanks for this great website and prize.

  2. & as you can see names of the folk who have nominated the 2010 contenders are omitted, at least until the prize is awarded, so as not to unduly influence anyone.

  3. Super interesting. I like that it's open to different mediums (film, audio, photo).

    The judging seems interesting as well... it sounds like the type of class/seminar I would love to take, and one that would probably be really insightful into the essay form.