Sunday, December 14, 2014

For the essay lovers' holiday gift list, picks from Eric LeMay and T Fleischmann

Eric LeMay:

The Public Domain Review: Selected Essays, 2011-2013

A great resource for the intellectually and artistically curious, The Public Domain Review has put out an anthology of essays from its first three years: You can get a sense of it by visiting their site:


T Fleischmann:

Of course, Claudia Rankine’s Citizen tops the list. I’ve also picked up a new hobby of suggesting Mausoleum of Lovers by Hervé Guibert (translated by Nathanaël) to anyone who will listen. Although not exclusively essay or exclusively new, To Look at the Sea Is to Become What One Is, the collected Etel Adnan, is full of fantastic essays. And Bruce Hainley's Under the Sign of [sic] always earns a re-read, but with his subject (Sturtevant) having a survey of her work up at MoMA, now is a particularly good moment to spend with it. There are scores more worth note that came out this year, but these four alone would have been enough to sustain me.

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