Saturday, July 30, 2016

Assay's Best American Essays Project Database is Live

Oh, hey there. As you know, we're fans of the Best American Essays, built and edited by Robert Atwan (see our Advent calendar from last year for year-by-year reads and revisitations of each BAE installment).

So we're super excited to hear that Assay has indexed and databased all of the BAE anthologies, and not just the official Bests but also the Notables, which makes for an awesome set of data for scholars of the essay. You can find and search it here. Easy to lose some time in there.

Thanks to them on behalf of all writers and readers and scholars of the contemporary American essay. Try looking up some of our favorite (and the series favorite) essayists: Cynthia Ozick (holds the record, just, for the most essays reprinted in BAEs) or Brian Doyle (close), for instance. Oh, this is a fun toy.

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