Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A word about the space

I hope this space will serve as a collaborative space to talk about some of the better (by which I mean more interesting) essays to appear in the literary journals that publish the majority of what we like to refer to as creative nonfiction, or literary nonfiction, as I've always preferred calling it since that way it owns its own snobbery, because a little snobbery is okay. Setting aesthetic goals is okay. Calling attention to language and craft is okay, as is the essayist's aspiration to something approaching art. Sites like Poetry Daily and Verse Daily along with the online poetry community do a good job of keeping (almost) on top of the poetry being published in literary magazines. Why not have a site that tries to be a little bit more methodical about the nonfiction that litmags are increasingly putting out? That was my thinking in creating the site. I hope this will direct some of your reading to essays that I and we here find interesting, and that you might not have otherwise stumbled upon. If you'd like to join us in posting, drop me a line.

At the least I plan on listing the apparent essay content of the many literary magazines that come across my desk. I'd like if y'all would do the same here. Then if you'd like to talk about an issue, a journal, or an essay (or a trend in essaying) that you're hot and bothered by, this would be a good space for that (along with things like Brevity's blog (on the sidebar) which is a fellow traveler here).

If you'd like Essay Daily to track and write about a magazine you're involved in, please add us to your subscription list:

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  1. Just found the blog. Excellent. It would be nice to know who is posting. I've figured out ASM, of course, and Nik, but who else?

    Thanks, Dinty