Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Reading

Ok, so this isn't necessarily a commentary/review of the Essay, but it's been a while since anything's been posted here and I'd like to keep the blog's momentum moving.

So summer book lists:

1)What are you reading?

Currently reading Let Us Now Praise Famous Men and loving the hell out of it. Others on the stack include the newest issue of Gulf Coast, Reality Hunger, and Anne Carson's Nox (which is friggin' gorgeous). Might try and tackle a longer work like Moby Dick or Infinite Jest but we'll see.

2)Do you read differently in the summer months?

I'm always interested to hear that people go for different (often lighter, more plot-driven) books in the summer months, mainly because I do the opposite. Now that I have an abundance of free time, I like to take on books that deserve my time and attention, take some notes and soak in the words for as long as I can stand.

Feel free to add other questions/comments/suggestions, particularly if there's any good nonfiction-y books coming out in the next few months.


  1. Mostly I read your Good Reads Updates. I've been slacking this summer in the reading department. I did read Bonnie Rough's Carrier and I'd write a review here if it wasn't so non-essay. Maybe I will anyway.
    And now I'm reading Jim Harrison's The English Major. I could read Jim Harrison all summer long.
    Kafka on the Shore is on the to read shelf.

  2. I'm with you on the Jim Harrison (if you really are reading my Good Reads you know I just finished one of his novels like a week ago!)

    Haven't heard of the Bonnie Rough before, but will probably check it out.

  3. Bonnie Rough had this amazing essay in a Best American Science and Nature. Her book isn't as science and naturey which I missed.