Monday, November 26, 2018

The 2018 Advent Calendar

Happy post-Thanksgiving, friends. As you may have noticed, Advent, our favorite time of year, begins officially on December 2 this year, which means that the yearly Essay Daily Advent Calendar will begin that day. This year's calendar is unthemed (every other year's calendar is themed), and will include old friends and new, including, roughly in this order: 
Chelsea Biondolillo, Colin Rafferty, John Proctor, Pat Madden, Lyzette Wanzer, Matthew Vollmer, Julija Sukys, Silas Hansen, Matthew Gavin Frank, Paul Lisicky, Jill Christman, Ander Monson, Hannah Ensor, Joan Wright, Virginia Marshall, Dorian Rolston, Jenn Shapland, Melissa Matthewson, Moira McAvoy, Paul Zakrewski, Joe Slocum, Jennie Ziegler, Dave Griffith, and our New Year's Eve correspondent Dave Mondy.
We'll see you in 6 days.

Signed, the Management (Will and Ander).

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