THE ESSAY DAILY ADVENT CALENDAR [old version—no longer updating]


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Each year, we publish an Advent Calendar, meaning that we publish an essay a day during advent. Some years these essays are themed; other years they are not. Want to pitch us something? Try Will or Ander at the right.

2020 brings back the calendar, which began at the beginning of liturgical Advent, Nov 29. It features the following writers:
  • Nov 29: Ander Monson on Living in the Delay, Outer Wilds, and Peter Orner
  • Nov 30: Pamela Pierce on Melissa Faliveno, Twister, and Friday Night Lights
  • Dec 1: Mike Martone and His Steam Memoir
  • Dec 2: Nicole Walker
  • Dec 3: Wren Awry, Gnocchi on the Picket Line
  • Dec 4: Hea-ream Lee on Susan Neville's Iconography and the Sacred Daily Ritual
  • Dec 5: Craig Reinbold, Yes to the Flesh?
  • Corinna Cook
  • Caryl Pagel (piece in by midnight 12/4)
  • Bethany Maile
  • Hea-Ream Lee
  • George Estreich
  • David Griffith 
  • Nicole Sheets
  • Darcy Jay Gagnon
  • Alison Deming
  • Susan Neville
  • Kyoko Mori 
  • Melissa Faliveno
  • Lauren Ostberg
  • Genia Blum
  • Alex Marzano-Lesnevich
  • Brooke Champagne 
  • Brooke Wonders
  • Marina Blitshteyn
  • Travis Scholl 
  • Michael Martone
  • Scott Morris
  • Lucas Mann 

2019 we took off to devote to the What Happened on December 21, 2019 project. We'll be back in 2020 though.

2018 is an unthemed advent calendar:

The theme for 2017 is recoveries, meaning that we would like to uncover or recover essays that we feel are underread:

2016 was an unthemed Advent Calendar:

2015 featured essays about The Best American Essays series, and required a few extra days in our calendar...

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