Thursday, January 21, 2010

Missouri Review 32.4


Andrew D. Cohen, "Television Days"
Favorite line: "But our favorite [adult-themed cable access show] by far was Midnight Blue, whose host, a fat, hairy Jew named Al Goldstein, publisher of the infamous Screw Magazine, set the tone during the opening credits by performing cunnilingus on a dripping rack of pork ribs from Tony Roma's."

M.G. Stephens, "Francis Bacon's Studio"
Favorite thing I learned about Francis Bacon: When he was a boy, his nanny locked him in a cupboard. ("'That cupboard was the making of me,' he often said.")


  1. Gotta say that does make me salivate and want to read the Cohen essay. The Bacon factoid does not make me want to read about Bacon. I went to a reading earlier tonight by a poet who writes a lot about meat. Earlier in his career he wrote about bacon.

  2. I also preferred the Cohen essay, but when you put ribs up against anyone, regardless of sex, named Francis, it's an unfair fight.