Monday, November 2, 2020

Oh, hello advent 2020

Hi all: Halloween has passed, and election week is here, and that means that it's kinda hard to think past to what happens after Thanksgiving and before Christmas, but we've got Advent on our minds. So much so that I ordered not one but two Advent Calendars this year for personal use. The Costco beer Advent Calendar I had a couple years ago was kind of a bust: most of the beers were kinda crappy European ones that most people wouldn't purchase intentionally. But in the spirit of Advent I did drink one each day. I did this for you.

If you run across a good beer advent calendar available in America, let me searching hasn't turned any up.

This year, though, I did pick up some more promising calendars, which both may be now sold out:

The Pukka Herbal Tea Calendar (more for my wife than myself, as tea is not my jam):

and the Bonne Maman preserves calendar (which looks great, as jam is in fact my jam):

So this reminds me that we'll be assigning our Essay Daily Advent Calendar slots shortly. This year's calendar will begin November 29 and continue through Christmas Day. 

If you're new to our site, we publish an essay a day during Advent (most years), each (loosely) on an essay or essayist. Some years are themed, some aren't. This one's not themed, though we're particularly interested in our writers writing about new essays or essayists—those published this year or first encountered this year. You can read previous years' essays in the advent calendar archives.

If you'd like to write one for this year's calendar, send us a note and/or pitch us your idea!

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