Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Consider Helping Fund the new Homegrown Welcome Table Press anthology?

There's less of a DIY/homegrown culture in the essay than in, say, the contemporary poetry publishing world. I'll reserve my thoughts on that for another post, though I'm open to conversation in the comments. In the meantime, perhaps you might check out and consider helping to fund the new project of Welcome Table Press, whose indieagogo campaign has 6 days left on it. See here, a note from essayist and impresario Kim Dana Kupperman:
As Rebecca McClanahan says, "Make a messay." If you love essays--writing or reading them--or know someone whose inner essayist is begging to emerge, here's an opportunity to contribute to a nonprofit indie press (that's smaller than a grain of sand) that makes essays available for free and at low cost (see Please help keep the welcome table set and consider making a donation to our Indiegogo campaign:
& consider joining their forces.

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